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Art and Entertainment in Baltimore

Although it may come as a surprise to some, Baltimore has a vibrant cultural scene and a thriving nightlife. What’s more, the city’s trendy Inner Harbor district is home to a number of excellent art galleries and top-notch entertainment venues.

With this in mind, this blog site is devoted to all things pertaining to art and entertainment in and around Baltimore, from news about upcoming dance performances to the most popular nightspots for enjoying live music.

Here, Baltimoreans – and inquisitive outsiders – can stay up to date on all of the latest art and entertainment news from Maryland’s coolest city.

Riding Paddle Boats

6 May 2021

One of the amazing activities you can do in Inner Harbor is renting paddle boats. You can rent dragon or electric pirate paddle boats. And for a reasonable price, have the chance to explore Baltimore's cool waters. If you're looking forward to this kind of fun, gear up and be ready to paddle.

Live Music at Cat's Eye Pub

29 Mar 2021

Cat's Eye Pub is one of Baltimore's venues where you can meet like-minded folks and relax. It's also where you can get a fix of good music, good beer, and everything good. Since it first opened in 1975, the establishment found a way into the heart of the locals.